A visit you will not forget

The well known spanish Chef, Angel Leon, will explain on video; step by step , the whole process of canned and salted fish.

We have 3 steps on the visit:

First step : We will watch 2 videos; One will be about the history of the company, while the other will be about the whole process of canned and salted fish.

Second step : A visit to the processing room, where you will have the chance to observe
the series of processes undertaken to complete each handmade can of fish

Third step : A visit to the tuna room (we call it ‘Chanca’ in spanish), where we make our dry tuna.

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The first part; The history of the company and the production process of canned and salted fish. This will be explained on video by the well known Spanish chef Angel Leon

Unión Salazonera Isleña S.A (USISA) was formed in 1973. USISA, was started with the Union of 24 small businesses (business in salting the sardines ). The creator of this union of businesses was Juan Vazquez Mendez, the president of USISA at the time, his interest was not to have competition between small businesses.

After that time, they added canning fish to the business, acquiring the Brand; EL DECANO, and at a later date; TEJERO.

Information about the tour at Usisa Factory - Usisa

At the begining of 2000, USISA started a big project, to open a new factory. Two years later the factory was opened. A modern factory, yet still preserving the traditional ways. The new factory has a capacity to employ upto 500 employees.

The constancy and effort from all the USISA team, have made USISA one of the references in this type of business within Andalucia and outside it.

Second step : Visit to the processing room

Its amazing to watch 250 women working with the fish taking so much care. Its a handcraft inherited from grandmothers to granddaughters.

The work carried out in this room requires a lot of experience and delicacy, since the objective is to obtain fish fillets peeled with care, without spines and of uniform size, then the ‘ estibadoras ‘ ( working women who introduce the fillets into the cans )

All this is carried out in a totally artisanal way, so that the only ingredients that will appear in the final product will be fish and cover fluids; which can be:

  • Extra virgin olive, olive and / or sunflower oils
  • Al Natural: Water with salt
  • Tomato sauce

Information about the tour at Usisa Factory - Usisa

All our preserves are completely made in our facilities in Isla Cristina (Huelva).

Third step : Visit the tuna room, Cutting the tuna (we call it ‘ronqueo’ in Spanish)

This process is carried out in an area of our facilities known as the Chanca. Here the ronqueo or despiece of yellowfin tuna is made, also known as Yellowfin or Rabin.

Information about the tour at Usisa Factory - Usisa

The tuna is used almost entirely, something similar to what happens to the Iberian pig. And you will be able to see how the ‘ronqueador’ obtains different parts of the tuna, one of them will be used for the elaboration of preserves and other parts, that comes from the loins, they will be use for the famous dry tuna (mojamas).

In 2016, we obtained the recognition of our mojama, as part of the Protected Geographical Indication “Mojama de Isla Cristina” and that covers our best product, the dry Tuna of Extra Category. In its preparation we only use the fish, and the sweetened water , not using at any time preservatives, aromas or colorants, obtaining a product equal to the one elaborated by the first tuna fish keepers.

Information about the tour at Usisa Factory - Usisa


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