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Want to know more about our anchovies?

Our canned anchovies are pieces selected for their freshness and size. They offer maximum satisfaction when they melt in the mouth, allowing a very pleasant sensation when ingested. They are also accompanied by the special flavor provided by the best olive oils from Andalusia, and all of this creates one of the best gourmet products of the Andalusian table.

Steps to make quality anchovies in olive oil

In the preparation of anchovies in olive oil, a series of steps must be followed. First, the fresh raw materials are received, which arrive at the facilities directly from the port.

After receipt, the fish is beheaded and gutted, all cleaned by hand by the staff in a brine bath and then packed according to size. After turning them over, the fish pieces are cooked in a direct steam cooking tunnel.

One of the key steps to achieve our unique flavor is seasoning with the best olive oils from Andalusia. Subsequently, the cans are hermetically sealed, and then sterilized in autoclaves to obtain a completely sterile product.

At this point, the cans are washed and dried before proceeding with the boxing and packaging. The process concludes with the storage of the product for later shipment.

Canned anchovies, taking care of our health

Canned anchovies are a gourmet product, which we incorporate into our commercial brand TEJERO, in the new RR90 format, facilitating its consumption.

Our exclusive flavor is achieved because it is a fresh seasonal product, processed through careful hand manipulation in a traditional way and with only oil and salt as additives.

Include canned anchovies in the diet of both adults and children, as this product is a primary source of minerals and omega-3. Its regular consumption is recommended for all ages, as with anchovies in olive oil you can enjoy a healthy Mediterranean diet.

Anchovy with Garlic in Sunflower Oil and Sea Salt Gold Selection
Anchovy with Garlic in Sunflower Oil and Sea Salt Gold Selection
Anchovy with Garlic in Sunflower Oil and Sea Salt Gold Selection

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