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Want to know more about our roe?

Roe is one of the products most loved by our customers, so we make it available to you in our online store along with other preserves and salted products with great flavor and texture.

Its preparation process is artisanal, faithful to the centuries-old tradition of our ancestors. The tasks are carried out by hand by our workers, so they do not lose their nutritional values. Moreover, to add a greater touch of naturalness, we do not include preservatives or additives, something that people who care about their diet appreciate.

Roe, a delicacy for the senses

The cod and mackerel roe, available in our Tejero and USISA brands, are a delicacy. The genuine taste of the sea, fresh and deep, its surprising granulated texture, and its beautiful color make them attractive to all five senses.

They are a very nutritious food, as roe contains a high concentration of nutrients necessary for our health:

  • They are rich in omega 3: a fatty acid necessary to keep our heart healthy.
  • They contain a high percentage of vitamins: notably vitamins B12, D, and E.
  • They are a source of minerals: roe is composed of minerals such as phosphorus and iron.

To maintain all the properties until the end of their shelf life in vacuum packaging, it has been important for us to find the method for them to be cooked to their optimum point. In this way, we offer our customers a top-quality product they can trust.

Try the cod and mackerel roe available in the Usisa online store

In our online store, you can find a wide range and variety of roe. These formats make the product perfectly usable for any type of appetizer: in salpicón, in pasta, on canapés… these are just some of the ideas for cooking fish roe.

If you feel like trying quality cod and mackerel roe, don’t forget to visit our website.

Mar y Sal Ling Roe
Mar y Sal Ling Roe

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