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Want to know more about our mackerel?

The mackerel is the hallmark product of our canning factory, an emblem of USISA and of our municipality, Isla Cristina. The quality of our mackerel comes from a meticulously cared for, natural, artisanal production method, and under the traditional values of our factory. All of this, combined with the characteristics of the blue fish from the Huelva coast, is key to providing a unique flavor full of nutritional values and unsurpassed organoleptic qualities.

Access our catalog and discover the wide variety of mackerel preserves online that you can find under our gourmet preserves brand USISA, our traditional brand TEJERO, and our Horeca brand, EL DECANO.

Purchase the best mackerel preserves online

The quality of the raw material of our Andalusian mackerel fillets has made it possible for our customers to be loyal consumers of our brands. To achieve this, it has been essential to capture them at their optimal fishing time, when they best retain all their properties.

All varieties of our mackerel in olive oil, sunflower oil, and natural have added value because it is a seasonal product, cared for by professional hands. Additionally, to provide its touch of naturalness, we only use oil and touches of sea salt for its preservation.

Why buy canned mackerel online

When you buy our mackerel preserves, you are purchasing a product with very interesting nutritional values for your health. A natural product made under artisanal processes, from hand peeling to the use of olive oil and cooking in a water solution with salt, without any other additives.

What benefits does canned mackerel provide to the body?:

  • They are rich in vitamins: a source of vitamin A for tissue repair, B group for red blood cell production, D for calcium absorption, and E, which prevents degenerative diseases.
  • Contain Omega-3: a component that helps us maintain good cardiovascular health, as it allows reducing cholesterol levels.
  • Have a high potassium content: it is one of the essential minerals for our nervous system and muscles to function correctly.

If you are one of those who want to buy high-quality canned mackerel online, do not hesitate to take a look at the products we offer in our online store, you have a wide variety of coverings and formats.

TEJERO Mackerel in Olive Oil PACK 3X80g (240gr.)
TEJERO Mackerel in Olive Oil PACK 3X80g (240gr.)
TEJERO Mackerel in Olive Oil PACK 3X80g (240gr.)

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