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Want to know more about our tuna?

The fillets of striped belly tuna are a delicacy for everyone who tries them. They are available in a couple of formats thanks to Tejero, our most recognized and oldest brand. The only ingredients we have used to make them as natural as possible are sunflower oil and a touch of sea salt. You’ll love them!

Why eat canned tuna from the Tejero brand

In both Tejero and the other brands we offer, the products we use will always be reference raw materials: this is the case with our canned tuna. During its preparation, it is important to take care of the product and carry out all the necessary controls to guarantee consumers that they are consuming quality striped belly tuna fillets.

In addition, making available to you the canned fillets of striped belly tuna is something you will appreciate, as it is a reddish fish, similar to tuna, with longitudinal stripes on the belly, and an intense flavor that everyone loves.

It is one of the fish recommended for consumption in a balanced diet, as its calorie content is an ally for a healthy meal. It also has nutrients that are very necessary for humans:

  • It is a source of fatty acids such as omega 3 and folic acid.
  • Contains numerous minerals: especially rich in potassium and phosphorus, but we can also find selenium, zinc, and calcium.
  • With its consumption, we are taking various vitamins: B9, B3, A, and D stand out.

Buy the best canned tuna fillets in our online store

At USISA, we take the utmost care of the products in our preserves to bring them from our artisanal hands to your home. Thanks to the tradition and care with which we work the raw material, you will enjoy the best canned tuna.

We encourage you to purchase them from our online store. You’ll surely love them!

Fillets of Tuna Belly Striped in olive oil TEJERO RR.125
Fillets of Tuna Belly Striped in olive oil TEJERO RR.125

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