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Canned light tuna is one of the star products of our company. For their capture we use traditional techniques and they are made at their optimum moment. In this way, we provide a tuna with excellent organoleptic qualities and ensure the survival of the species.

In our online store you will find the best canned tuna in oil and natural from our brands El Decano, USISA and Tejero. All of them are presented in different formats and varieties so that you can choose the one that best suits your kitchen and your palate.

Canned tuna in oil and natural from USISA, recommended for our health

The origin of our products means that the properties of tuna in olive or sunflower oil, among others, keep its many benefits intact, both for you and your loved ones. What are the advantages of consuming canned tuna?

  • Source of proteins: it is one of the foods with the highest number of proteins. In total, the tuna belly fillets provide about 22 gr. for every 100 gr.
  • It contains numerous minerals: phosphorus, iodine, iron… are some of the minerals that we can find in canned light tuna and that benefit our health.
  • We also find essential vitamins: it contains vitamin A to promote the immune system, a great diversity of group B, beneficial for metabolic processes, and D, interesting for our bones to be healthy.
  • Our tuna in olive oil, sunflower oil and natural is rich in Omega-3: canned tuna in oil and natural are not only beneficial for our body, but also for our mind, because Omega-3 helps us to improve our mood.

Enjoy the best almadraba tuna in your favorite formats, the result of family tradition and an area of ​​such excellent fish as Isla Cristina.

USISA Tuna in Olive Oil 120G.
USISA Tuna in Olive Oil 120G.
USISA Tuna in Olive Oil 120G.

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