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Want to know more about our sardines?

At USISA, we work with another emblem of the blue fish from our land, the sardines. We offer this delicious product in various combinations, preserved in olive oil, sardines in tomato, in sunflower oil, among other coverings.

All the potential that makes this product one of the gourmet preserves on our table also comes from the dedication of our human team, mostly made up of locals from our municipality where tradition, familiarity, and product knowledge go hand in hand.

To all this, we add a top-quality raw material, our sardines from the coast landed at the port of Isla Cristina and transported directly to the factory, with unbeatable characteristics and qualities.


Quality guarantee of our sardine in olive oil, in tomato, in sunflower oil

Ensuring the efficiency and quality of our production is a top priority. We invest in the means and technology necessary to meet market demands in terms of traceability and production processes.

Under the parameters reflected in our Quality System and thanks to our artisanal work, at USISA we guarantee the implementation of production processes that allow impeccable treatment and preparation of our canned sardines in olive oil and other coverings.

In addition to our specialties of sardine in olive oil and sunflower oil, we want to highlight our sardines in tomato. The sweetness of the tomato produces an exquisite taste when mixed with that of the sardines, especially if the best raw material is used as we do at USISA.

Likewise, as a result of our centennial tradition, at USISA we have a production area expressly dedicated to salted sardines, the origin of our company. Here, our most expert hands make an exhaustive selection of pieces that are a real delicacy for the senses, capable of generating a feeling of fullness in the mouth, which is experienced when the piece melts due to its soft texture and careful handling.

Therefore, if you want to taste our salted sardines or sardines in tomato and in any of their preserved coverings, we make them available to you in our online store.

USISA – Sardine Fillets in Olive Oil Tray
USISA – Sardine Fillets in Olive Oil Tray
USISA – Sardine Fillets in Olive Oil Tray

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