USISA Coastal Sardines in Olive Oil 125g.

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Organoleptic properties:

These select pieces, of uniform size and suitable for the different formats available, are a real treat for the senses. Their soft and delicate texture comes apart in the mouth to reveal their full, rich flavour.
Net weight: 120g
Drained weight: 80g

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Preparation process:

There are a number of essential steps in the preparation process for our ‘Coastal Sardines in Olive Oil’. First, the raw material (always fresh) arrives at the facilities, straight from the port.

After reception, the head is removed, the fish is gutted, and it has its fin cut off. All parts are cleaned by our team by hand in a brine bath and packed according to size. This is followed by turning and cooking of the fish pieces in the steam cooking tunnel.

One of the key steps to achieving our unique flavour is the addition of the finest Andalusian olive oils. After, the tins are hermetically sealed and sterilised in autoclaves to obtain a completely sterile product.

The tins are then washed and dried before proceeding with their packaging and boxing. The process concludes with storage of the product for subsequent shipment.

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