Manná Tuna + Sardine Pâté 88g (4×22)


Tuna and Sardine Pâté from the Portuguese brand Manná.

2 portions of 22g of Tuna and 2 portions of 22g of Sardine.

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Special pack that brings together our two most popular Patés.

2 units of Sardine Pate and 2 units of Manná Tuna Pate, creamy and made without added colorings or preservatives, they are perfect for spreading.

That special moment at the beginning of the meal or your practical and tasty snack that you cannot do without.

• No added colors or preservatives
• Without gluten
• Protein source
• Contains omega-3 fatty acids
•Contains Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus and Zinc
• Preservation of vitamins A and B complex and vitamin D
• Blue Fish
• Wild fish
• Practical and Tasty

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