Manná Mackerel Pâté 88g (4×22)


Manná Mackerel Pâté 88g (4×22)

4 units of 22g each.

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The Manná Mackerel Pate, creamy and made without added colorings or preservatives, is perfect as a spread.

That special moment at the beginning of the meal or your practical and tasty snack that you cannot do without.

• No added colors or preservatives
• Without gluten
• Protein source
• Contains omega-3 fatty acids
•Contains Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus and Zinc
• Preservation of vitamins A and B complex and vitamin D
• Blue Fish
• Wild fish
• Practical and Tasty

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Manná Mackerel Pâté 88g (4×22)
Manná Mackerel Pâté 88g (4×22)
Manná Mackerel Pâté 88g (4×22)

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