TEJERO Caballa de Andalucia Mackerel Fillets in Olive Oil 1Kg

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The loyalty of our customers stems from the remarkable quality of our seasonal raw materials. We catch our fish at the perfect time, when they have the greatest nutritional and organoleptic values. The only ingredients needed are extra virgin olive oil and a touch of sea salt.
Net weight: 950g
Drained weight: 618g

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Preparation process:

During the Caballa de Andalucía tinning process we take extra special care of the raw materials, carrying out the relevant controls to guarantee customers a quality final product.

The “Caballa de Andalucía Mackerel Fillets in Olive Oil” are always prepared following the same traditional process:

  • Reception of the fish.
  • Head removal, gutting and washing.
  • Cooking, in a water and salt solution.
  • Maintenance and refrigeration.
  • Manual skin removal.
  • Manual packaging.
  • Addition of olive oil.
  • Tinning.
  • Autoclave treatment.
  • Can washing.
  • Storage and dispatch.

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