USISA Salmon in Olive Oil 90g.

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The loyalty of our customers stems from the remarkable quality of our raw materials. The only ingredients needed are olive oil and a touch of sea salt.
Net weight: 85g
Drained weight: 60g

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Preparation process:

When preparing our tinned Salmon, we take extra special care of the raw materials, carrying out the relevant controls to guarantee customers a quality final product.

Salmon in Olive Oil’ is always be prepared following the same traditional process:

  • Reception of the fish.
  • Cooking, in a water and salt solution.
  • Maintenance and refrigeration.
  • Manual cleaning.
  • Manual packaging.
  • Addition of olive oil.
  • Tinning.
  • Autoclave treatment.
  • Can washing.
  • Storage and dispatch.

It works great in a salad, on toast with cheese and avocado, or with fresh pasta. We find more and more ways of preparing salmon every day, and each of them serves the same end goal: to enjoy its incredible flavour and take care of ourselves at the same time.

Salmon is a highly valued food in the world of sport, and many nutritionists recommend including it in the diet to take advantage of its multiple benefits:

  • It has a high protein content: salmon provides around 22g of protein per 100g of drained product. This protein is of high biological value, providing essential amino acids that can’t be synthesised by our body itself yet is essential for building tissue and the proper functioning of vital bodily processes.
  • It helps to strengthen our bone structure: Salmon’s vitamin D and polyunsaturated fatty acids play an important role in strengthening the bones and preventing diseases such as osteoporosis or the tendency to fractures.
  • It improves our mental health: Over the years, we often notice a gradual loss of memory and an increased difficulty in concentrating. The omega-3 fatty acids and minerals such as iodine in salmon promote optimal and agile brain and thyroid function. This translates into improved memory, learning and the proper functioning of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, which is responsible for mood regulation.
  • It’s good for cardiovascular health: Salmon is a natural source of Omega-3, known for its lipid-lowering effects. In other words, it reduces the presence of fat or bad cholesterol in the blood. This prevents it from accumulating in the arteries and causing cardiovascular diseases or arterial hypertension.

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USISA Salmon in Olive Oil 90g.
USISA Salmon in Olive Oil 90g.

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