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Do you want to know more about our salted fish?

If you are wondering “where to buy salted fish online?”, take a look at our store. In it you will find the best salted fish in Huelva. All of them are made from seasonal species, caught at their optimum moment to ensure the survival of the species and optimal qualities.

Mojama and salted meats online for all types of palates

In our catalog you can find salted tuna in different formats, a product with a great contribution of proteins, minerals and vitamins.

Without forgetting the star of the salted meats, the Iberian from the sea, the IGP mojama from Isla Cristina. Among the salted meats from Huelva, USISA’s extra category mojama stands out for belonging to the Regulatory Council of Protected Geographical Identification “Mojama de Isla Cristina”, an organization that endorses and controls production to offer the guarantee of careful and careful preparation from carefully selected tuna and under completely natural processes.

Do you know why you should buy salted fish from our mojama? We obtain our meat from the noblest part of the tuna, the loin. After going through a process of salting and drying, and a careful selection, the tuna mojama is obtained, characterized by a dark brown external appearance, presenting the veins of the tuna loin when cut.

Of the three recognized qualities of mojama, ours is the “extra”, the best considered, since it comes from a more compact muscular area that translates into a softer texture and less marked grain than other qualities.

Get the best salted fish online

At USISA we offer you mojama and salted fish online in different formats: terrine of mojama from Isla Cristina, in pieces or in our easy-to-consume format, the tapa, are just some of the best online salted fish that you will find on our website. Take a look at the variety available and make your purchase. Surely you will repeat!

Piece of IGP Mojama extra of Isla Cristina USISA (Dry Tuna)
Piece of IGP Mojama extra of Isla Cristina USISA (Dry Tuna)
Piece of IGP Mojama extra of Isla Cristina USISA (Dry Tuna)

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